Corporate messenger


Messenger in the interests of the company

  • Standars messenger functions: chat, calls, groups, file transfer. Communicate with collegues, gather groups to solve the issues, be aware of all the important.

  • Works at any places, devices and even through browser. You can to cooperate with colleagues from different companies.


PBX connection

  • Integration of 1C-Connect with office ip-telephony station or SIP provider is available: users can make and recieve calls using your PBX.

  • 1C-Connect supports integration with USB-phones Yealink P4K via TAPI.



Remote access

Save money on licensing third-party remote access solutions. Your employees can resolve issues right in front of client's eyes:

  • Remote access to desktop, file system, task manager, services, install and remove programs. Server's remote management is also avaliable.

  • Support specialist can connect directly via messenger, without any limits on parallel or sequencial sessions.



Admin panel

Administrator in every company:

  • Can manages employees and other settings.

  • Can receives reports.

See manual



API and connectors

  • Web services manual and examples (download .zip, 8 Кб).

  • Named pipe manual for data and events exchange with others applications.

  • 1C:Enterprise connector for data and events exchange with 1C:Enterprise products.

  • Ready to use examples: ESTI:UFF, 1С:CRM, Itilium, Arbis:UFF



Listening to records

  • Easy to go back and remember the details of meeting call.

  • If you missed an important meeting you can listen what was said.



Laungh programm in 1C:Enterprise

1C-Connect start button is integrated into different 1C:Enterprise based apps (for example 1C:Accounting), it allows to start the service and apply for support.



Single pipeline for requests processing


Support lines by 5 000+ companies 

Connect to support lines of 1C partners, ITS service operators, industry solution operators and directly to 1C company.


Fast searching of support lines and groups

  • Place a link on your website or in a POS guides, and your clients can find your company faster. Connect lines via search or link/QR.

  • You can invite 1C-Connect users to the group via a link.



Notifications and auto reports


Auto report for management

Special bot prepares and sends a weekly report about KPI of company's departments.

Join line

Tax Service's notifications

1C-Report users can receive requests and notifications, which Tax Service sends to the taxpayer. Such notifications delivering via support line "1C-Report: client support".

Join line



Built-in service desk

ServiceDesk is available for 1C partners in a cloud mode and for avery company in on-premise mode.


Smart request delivery

  • Requests are delivered by a bot according to the rules of selected line, priorities, loading limits of specialists and group work.

  • 1C-Connect transmits information about the user, maintenance conditions and other service parameters to the specialist.



Remote access to desktop

  • Support specialist can connect directly via messenger and resolve issues right in front of his eyes.

  • Remote access to desktop, file system, task manager, services, install and remove programms. Server's remote management is also available.



Transparent group collaboration

  • Dashboard presents a real time availability of company lines, communication with users and employees activity.

  • The bot controls the compliance with SLA and sends notifications for exceeding the regulations.



Ticket tracking system

  • Register service request via messenger, users will see open requests.

  • Monitor the execution of requests and logs via system reports.



Fast informing

  • Use mailings, start-ups and banners to fast notify users.

  • You can organize a survey of employees using Google forms, the service will also collect for you statistics of inerest (views and clicks).



Quality evaluation

  • 1C-Connect prompts the user to evaluate the quality after completion of request. The bot will inform of negative assessment, so the company can respond fast.

  • The bot will automatically shut down the request when there is no activity for a long time.


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