Imagine an employee's single window,
where he solves all working issues



Company messenger 

  • Employee's workspace: a list of colleagues, groups, departments and projects is always before your eyes in the app.

  • Interaction with customers and support in a single communication stack of the company.

  • Operationalization of  interaction with enterpise systems from the app: receiving notifications and auto-reports.



      Desktop: Windows, MacOS (Soon), Linux (Soon)



Managed by company


Security and data protection


The service is configured through the administrator's office. Staff communication, meetings, calls, file sharing, etc. logged and avaible in reports.



Chanel encryption in the system is carried out using world standarts (https, TLS, AES+RSA with the possibility of additionally improsing enhances SZI).

Integration with enterpise systems


Rich functionality


1С-Connect integrates with company systems via API. Ready-made mechanism for integrating with 1С,  connecting to АТС, reciving EDI and INFS notifications are cavailable.


Tools for interaction, BI-monitoring, control of executive standarts, quick informing and  remote access in a single enterprise system



Artificial intelligence based support


  • Chat-bot and company knowledge base.

  • Work on the delivery of applications and control of execution.

  • Auto-reports.

  • Support parameters.

  • Chat, calls and recording, files transfer and remote access.

  • Teams collaborations and ratings.



Support lines

  • Lines - are channels for interacting with clients and support. They can be published and free to search, by a link or a QR-code

  • 5K+ partners of 1C conpany, Servise operators, enterprise solutions developers are avaible in 1C-Connect.




  • Managers can register tickets directly from the app. Tickets are the independed tracker.

  • The app will indicate the responsible managers, priority and deadlines, other parameters.

  • The user and the responsible manager see their requests in the app and receive notifications of changes in them.



SLA/BI monitoring and control 

  • The Dashboard broadcasts in real time the availability of company lines, handing calls, deviations from SLA and standarts and managers activity.

  • Monitor your work with appeals with the help of reports, receive notications of deviations from established standarts.



Newsletters and polls 

  • The service allows you to quickly notify  users using newslettersstartscreens and banners, and also collects statistics of interest-views and clicks.

  • Integration with  Google forms allows you to conduct surveys or collect feedback. User data (full name and others) when clicked are substituted directly into the form,which saves time when filling out and increases conversion.



Remote access

Mutual assistance between employees, technical support and network administration




Seamlessly integrated into the application 

  • Remote Desktop Management.

  • Manager and proccess panel management.

  • File sharing.

  • The installing and deleting of programms.

  • Session recording.




Connection by request or by password 

  • For remote connection, select the user in the list and click the remote connection button. The user will receive a request, accepting which a remote connection will be established.

  • User can allow password access. Employees who know the password will be able to connect to such a user without a request.


Work without installation or in service mode

  • By default, you can remotely connect under the usual user rights. To perform actions that require elevation of rights, for example, to install programs or work with the task manager, put the remote access component into service mode.

  • Service mode is enabled in the program settings. Installation will require a one-time increase in user rights. 




File system access

  • With a remote connection, you can start the file transfer manger and exchange files in both directions without restrictions on their size and number.



Simultaneous connections

  • The service supports connecting one to many and many to one. The number of simultaneous connections is limited only by the bandwidth of your network.



Notifications and auto-reports

As well as interaction with company information system




Notifications of 1C-EDM


Taxes notifications


For 1C-EDM users, the service sends reports on documents awaiting your response and unprocessed invitations to electronic.



1C-Connect informs responsible employees and users 1C-reporting if important INFS notifications for all legal entities of your company.





Information from comany system


Weekly 1C-Connect prepares and sends auto-reports on the status of the company's employees with service providers and customers.



You can send notifications, documents and reports from the information system of your company to employees in the 1C-Connect



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