The tariff plan is purchased for the company, the cost is specified in RUB and depends
on the number of employees connected to the service.



Per month                    Per 12 months

Per 12 months

  Up to 5


490 4900 24900
  Up to 15 990 9900 39900
  Up to 25 1500 14900 59900
  Up to 50 1900 19900 79900
  Up to 100 2900 29900 99900
  Up to 300 4900 49900 129900
  Over then 300 Call us Call us
  Try Try


Included functions





Admin panel
Soon! 1 admin No limits
Connecting service provider lines
Chats, calls, groups, projects
In computer, mobile, and browser apps
Remote access between employees 30 min. per month
For each employee 
No limits No limits 
File sharing, file storage Up to 100 MB for 7 days Up to 1 GB, 90 days Up to 1 GB, 90 days
IFNS and 1C-EDO notifications
For companies from Russia
One TIN All companies TIN All companies TIN
Broadcasting the status of the ITS-agreement
For companies that use 1C programs
API Soon! Soon!
Technical support for the 1C-connect developer
Is available in mode 8/5
Call recording  
Reports, photo reports
Work with addresses along the lines
Line registration, priority management, remote access, comments on requests and sessions, and reports
Knowledge base management, auto-surveys of users
The parameters of the support lines
Responsible managers, information parameters
Ticket system
Client registration
Connecting third-party companies to provide line support
Mailing lists by line    
Managing performance standards (SLA)
The working (available) time limits the load of employees, monitoring the queue and of the employees
Online monitor


On-premise version

Service placement options

All available functions

On dedicated servers
Dedicated servers are provided by the service developer, deployed and maintained by the service team under the customer's control
Send a request
On the customer's resources
Deployment of the service in the closed loop of the customer, including without access to the Internet and using additional information security tools

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