Chat-bot company

Saves the time of specialists and ensures reegular contact with the client


  • Chat-bot will meet the client on behalf of your company, maintain a conversation on general topics.This will save up to 15% of the specialist's time.

  • If your company has a knowledge base,the chat-bot will recognize questions and respond to the client with articles from the knowledge base. This can solve the client's issue without involving a specialist.

  • In conclusion,the chat-bot will thank client and  close the work with the call.

  • If it is impossible to answer the question, the chat bot will connect a specialist to the conversation ( or put the appeal in the queue).



It contacts customers 

  • Chat-bot can itself comunicate, with clients whom it has been contacted for a long time: find out if everything is in order, if there are any questions, answer them or connect a specialist.

  • If the client has no questions, the chat-bot will thank the client for cooperation and will remind you of the opportunity to contact if quwstions arise.



Runs in 5 minutes


  • Chat-bot is included in. the support setting, and then immediately ready to work with calls. 

  • You can additionally dawnload the knowledge base,manage articles,the chat bot will automatically retrain.



Technology Description


Language recognition


Learning Kniwledge Base


A single space of meanings for phrases of the Russian and English languages is built using neural networks. Ror example, the phrases "get a pass" and "get paper for exit" can located nearby


When adding a new article, you just need to specify the text of the answer and the wording of the questions. Chat-bot will understand issues, including inaccurate formulations, and automatically learn.


Confidence scoring


Further education


For each question, the system searches the knowledge base for the most meaningful language, evaluates semantic affinity,including with complete mismatch of words. With sufficient confidence, returns the text of the article


SOON! The system can retrain in automatic or manual modes, replenish the knowlwdge base with new wording of questions on the basis of successfully closed calls,as well as on the basics of correspondence.


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