Data exchange with the cloud 1C-Connect


Interaction via RAM



Integration with 1C

Library for data exchange between 1C configuration and 1C-Connect cloud



A universal extension for 1C configuration helps to import or map company employees to the 1C-Connect cloud and organize the delivery of information from the company's database to the 1C-Connect employee application.

Instruction manual



The main scenarios of work


Import and map employees



The extension connects to the 1C-Connect cloud and offers an interface for importing and matching company employees and employees in the 1C-Connect cloud.


Sending data from the database


The configuration can send messages and documents (files) to employees in 1C-Connect. Open extension code allows you to create almost any scenario for using this mechanism.




Compatible configurations

The solution is an extension  of the information base 1С:Предприятие 8.3 (8.3.13+),
uses plug-in technology for a business solution.


Minimum Edition

1С:Бухгалтерия КОРП
1С:Зарплата и управление персоналом
1С:Зарплата и управление персоналом
1С:Зарплата и кадры государственного учреждения
1С:ERP Управление предприятием
1С:Комплексная автоматизация


What if the configuration is not listed?


Installation and Upgrade Procedure

  • In other 1C configurations, including earlier versions, use the extension (or part of the code) as an open library to organize the configuration interaction with the 1C-Connect cloud.


  • The extension is installed in 1C: Enterprise mode. Installation requires administrative rights and the absence of connected users except themselves.

  • The plugin is automatically updated, supports the current 1C-Connect API and allows you to expand the possibilities of interaction..


Connection 1C-Connect to the АТС

Connect the service to your company's telephony (PBX) or to your service provider. Make and receive calls through the app.