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Servise 1C-Connect (certificate of registration of a computer program and database № 2018161516, is included in the Unified Register of Russian Software, №4563). The company provides continuous servise availability for users in 24х7 mode.


The company has been operating since 2011,and since 2013 it has been a joint venture with 1C. 1C-Connect is a standart technology for user support 1C. Since 2019 we are a resident of Skolkovo.



1C-Connect team



  • Central office: office 30, Nobel street, 7, "Skolkovo" innovation center, Moskow, 121205, Russian Federation.
  • Phone numbers in Russia: +7 (499) 705 06 75, +7 (495) 401 99 45
  • For technical support: support@1c-connect.com
  • For business, distribution and partnership: partner@1c-connect.com