1C-Connect is a "standart" technology for
customer support in the 1C network 


Special conditions for partners  

  • Preferential tariffs for using the servise to work with clients, appeals to the "1C" company to vendors in the 1C network.

  • Remuneration for the sale tariff plans to customers (inf. letters from "1С" for partners in Russia and Kazakhstan: 25464, in Ukraine: 2016-958, in other CIS countries: 25001.


Become a partner



User Connection

The company "1С" provides pertners with benefits for connection 1C:ITS users according to the table.

1С partners can connect for free
Information letters for partners in Russia and Kazakhstan: 20669, in Ukraine: 2016-958, in other CIS countries: 25001

  • Its employees.
  • Customer users without their own lines connected and with any numbers of vendor lines (1C company, 1C:ITS service operators.
  • ITS PROF clients: two users with any numbers of their lines, the rest - along one line.
  • ITS TECHNO, 1c clients: Software and Retail rent: users with one line of their own.
  • ITS Clients International: one user with any numder of their lines.



Tariffs for partners 1C

Basic functions of the service are provided to 1C partners for free, paid tariffs are purchased separately,
the cost is indicated in RUB for the entire company and depends on the number of connected customers (info letter of the company "1С" 26452).

Connected customers


Per month         For 12 monthes

Per month         For 12 months

Up to 50 customers


1890   18700 3150   31150
Up to 100 customers 3650   37400 4900   49900
Up to 300 customers 4900   49900 7400   74900
Up to 500 customers 7400   74900 9900   99900
Up to 1 000 customers 8650   87400 12400   124900
Up to 3 000 customers 9900   99900 16150   162400
Over 3 000 customers Upon request Upon request
Connection to users of their support lines in excess of benefits from 1C             Paid monthly for each user  30 RUB No surcharge until 30.10.2020
No limits
No surcharge
No limits
  Try Try



Functions included in the fare

Structure of functions




Administrator`s office 
The number of administrators of the company
No more than 1 Up to 5 Without restrictions
Chats, calls, remote access, story
In applications for computer
File sharing, file storage Up to 100 MB for 7 days Up to 1 GB, 90 days Up to 1 GB, 90 days
ИФНС и 1С-ЭДО notifications 
For companies from Russia
One INN All INN companies All INN companies
Working on lines
Supplier linespublish your own lines, manage employee priorities, comment on requests and sessions, reports and auto-reports.
Translation of the agreement status 1С:ИТС
Blocking lines in the absence of 1С:ИТС, working with requests for contract extension1С:ИТС.
Translation of tracking parameters
Employees responsible for the client and dispatching them, up to 7 information parameters of interaction (tariff, debt, bonuses, etc.)
Until 31.10.2020
Working with clients via the 1C-connect mobile app
Available for Android, iOS, or via browser.
Until 31.10.2020
Knowledge base management, auto-surveys of users.
  1 line All lines
Ticket system  
Call recording  
Mailing lists by line    
Online monitor    
Managing performance standards (SLA)
Working (available) line time, employee load limits, queue control, and other service parameters.
The starting cutscene
Change the starting screen saver in computer application, management of time and number of impressions, targeting, clicks on the notification.
Advertising banner (Showcase)
Replaced banner ads in the computer application, managing the order of impressions, targeting, clicks on the notification, the system orders.



Materials and recommendations


How to set up in one day?

Name and design of lines

Application Launch Control

Work with calls

Employee certification

How to start sales?

Customer flyer (.zip 6,5Мб)

Customer Presentation (.ppt 1,8Мб)

Employee memo

Logos and banners 1C-Connect

Work with customer requests


Practical recommendations

Как быстро настроить чат-бот и организовать продажи клиентам смотрите в коротком видео с выступления на партнерском семинаре 1С.

Sales корп. to customers

Presentation of all service features for corporate customers in a video from the Business Forum 1С:ERP.


Partner support

Line in 1C Connect

Types of Consultations

1C-Connect: Technical Support

  • Technical issues: proxies, antiviruses, telephony, equipment, integration.

  • Registration of problems, comments and suggestions.

1C-Connect: General questions

  • Advice on setting up the service under the scenarios of work and effective use.

  • Organization of training for employee groups.

  • Registration of comments, wishes newsletter and suggestions.

Other lines

  • Services promotion 1С-ЭДО, 1С-ОФД, ЕГАИС, 1С:Электронное обучение, Rent software 1C and others.

  • Creation of 1C escort centers and service partners.

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